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Digital Goods e-Commerce Services is service that enables independent and fleet owner operators of heavy vehicles to file excise taxes with the United States Internal Revenue Service (IRS). An IRS certified e-file provider and Electronic Returns Originator (ERO), has helped hundreds of thousands of businesses meet this important statutory requirement.

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Physical Goods e-Commerce Services

Mithila Art Institute (MAI) connects the cultures of Mithila (an ancient region within India) with the global contemporary society through art. enables MAI to sell paintings, take donations and educate folks interested in the intersection of this traditional art form and modern sensibilities.

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Silvermine works with leaders in proximity ecosystem, leveraging beacon, LFE, p-cell, 5G and other technologies to facilitate physical context aware content discovery, community and commerce.

Virtual Reality

Silvermine’s dedicated digital design studio supports explorations in the virtual and augmented reality platforms, including HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and others. Initial studies focus on composition, lighting, storytelling, movement, as well as explorations in the experience of time.

Digital Design

In collaboration with Mithila Art Institute, Silvermine design studio facilitates explorations of painting techniques on digital devices such as the iPad Pro. A new generation of artists are creating handcrafted digital experiences that integrate vector and raster based explorations with artisanal digital design that draws inspiration from traditional Mithila painting techniques.


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