Engage audiences and sell products from an integrated platform

The Platform

The Silvermine platform uses modular components that enables content verticals to seamlessly interact with a PCI compliant e-commerce horizontal layer to deliver integrated content, community and commerce services to passionate fans.

The components of the platform communicate with each other through APIs, enabling individual components to be dis-aggregated

from the overall platform for upgrades and replacement, using either in house or externally developed components. The platform enables product development and management for digital products that live on desktop, mobile, Smart TV, VR, IoT and other display or consumption environments.

Silvermine platform components

Product Services

The product services module enables the management of media, content and community that is presented through websites and applications on desktops, mobile phones and emerging interaction devices like HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. On mobile devices, the module supports proximity triggers from devices like beacons. The module integrates with social media services and empowers non-technical product managers to expose content to end users.

Account Services

The account services module enables user management, access control and security for content and commerce services powered by the Silvermine platform. Account services facilitates email verification, two factor authentication, social and open ID login as well as device based secure authentication. It supports related analytics and integrates into proprietary and open-source CRM tools.


The utilities module facilitates integration with a variety of third party services, including payment processing, email and push notification campaign management, fax and text messaging communication systems, customizable customer service module, third party chat and email services, as well as advanced services such as beacon based proximity authentication.


The localization module enables multi-language and multi-currency support of content and commerce. This module leverages IP, GPS and proximity based location and CRM driven customer data to customize the user interaction with the content, community and commerce elements of the platform.

Workflow Management

The workflow management module powers critical aspects of the operations workflow. From automated email and text notifications, to returns, refunds, credits are all facilitated through the workflow management module. Critical performance metrics around customer service operations, discount code redemption, refunds and return analytics are some of the other key features of the workflow management module. Overall business process and administrative control and validation is facilitated through this module.

Supply Chain Management

From inventory acquisition, validation and release to shipping, distribution, storage and post-purchase customer notifications are managed through the supply chain management module. When the product being delivered is a digital good or service, this module integrates with third party systems, procures the requisite credentials and certifications, transfers a digital asset and delivers to the customer electronically.

Marketing Services

Marketing and creative services module facilitates customer segmentation and identification, outreach and communication, offers management and campaign effectiveness analytics to improve the ROI on marketing investment and to optimize the conversion funnel. In conjunction with proprietary and third party analytics, marketing services maximizes campaigns and e-commerce sales.

Analytics Services

Analytics services module integrates media, consumption, visitor, advertising, conversion, user, sales and other critical business data into a single dashboard. With API integrations into leading user acquisition platforms, including Google, Bing, Facebook and others, the analytics module provides a comprehensive, real time view of the customer as well as of the media, community and commerce aspects of the business.